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AVM Riga 2012


avm_riga_220At Riga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum

Visiting our partner – the Riga Ghetto & Holocaust Museum – from right to the left –
Zintars Zilgalvis, Betija Zilgalvis, Rabbi Menachem Barkahan

One of our first actions was visiting our partners Riga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum and association SHAMIR (holder of the museum), represented by its chairman Rabbi Menachem Barkahan. We were talking about the dais of preparation, time scheduling and my invitation as a participant of the International Conference of Holocaust Museums, 4& 5 June 2012 @ Academy of Sciences Riga

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The Slovenian A-Team(sters) presenting themself. Hell yeah!



My name is Heiko Beck Kos and i am working as an artist most of the time in public spaces.

I am a simple guy, who never had the idea of becoming or wanting to be an artist. I more or less swept into this kind of „profession“.

As i grew up in a real conservative household in bavaria / germany, my focus i was teached, was education, making career and building up more and more material safety. I really tried to go for it and did quite well. From my childhood on it was obvious, that there are some little creativ or artistic talents. But i never had the idea of studying art. The reason why i didn`t do this was simple. There is no money to make and no chance for a material safety. So i studied communication-design, which still covered the part of being creativ and beside this, gave me the chance to earn money. Like i said, surprisingly i wasn`t that bad and so had the chance to buy expensive things, i thought i needed.

I did this until a kind of burnout knocked me out. I started doing a psychological therapy and after a year (still going on with my job in an event agency) i found out, that this is not my way and quit the job.

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