Not Quite, Fengersfors (Sweden) –  Contact Karl Hallberg karl@notquite.se.

Not Quite is an arts and crafts centre situated in rural Sweden. It has been active in the area since 2002 and contributed to its attractivity, raising visitor numers significantly over the past years.
However, there is still a barrier perceived between the culture, arts and craft centre and the village of Fengersfors (600 inhabitants), between artists and local community. In order to support the sustainable development of the Region, making it attractive for young people to stay or move there, however it is fundamental to build a strong common spirit and understanding.

The A-Teams task therefore will be to initiate artistic actions of community building, creating a common vision and image for the village and the artists of the centre.

Specific objectives are:

  • to involve 1 – 3 representatives from the different local associations (football club, choir, scouts etc.) and a total of at least 40 people in the project
  • to initiate a shared process with these people aimed at the development of a positive and collaborative atmosphere
  • through the process to create a shared understanding and vision of the villages identity
  • to foster understanding for the role the arts can play in such a process of community building.

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