Pekarna, Maribor (Slovenia) –  contact Polonca Podgorsek polonca@pekarna.org.

Facing an increased challenge concerning the privatisation of different domains in the public sphere, both locally and all across Europe, particularly with regard to civic and cultural space, there is an evident and growing reaction from citizens. This reaction is resulting in grassroot revolutions, some calling for a new socialism or Utopia, others more dangerous in their anger and frustration. A less violent option is to support the struggle for The State to recover its power. Of course we are talking about the state in the sense of a public space, within which a constant struggle for interpretation and care for public services are of vital importance to its existence, which represents the strengthening of the society and social cohesion through appropriate execution of public functions. The economic capital should support social and cultural development in order to (re)build society and the A-Team project is an exploration of this theme.

The A-team will be confronted with the challenge of finding local answers to the questions of the social importance of Culture.

Specific objectives are:

  • to map and review what individual cultural workers and public officials in Maribor propose as solutions for improving the position that independent culture today has within public financing (also by exploring the wider national frame)
  • to perceive and implement a grassroot media-campaign, which will enlighten the importance of supporting independent culture in times of economic crisis, bringing attention to the questions: Who is the culture for? What is it good for? And who should support it?
  • to cooperate with local cultural opreators inside and outside the Cultural Centre Pekarna
  • to open a dialogue with local administrations through the campaign.

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