… the Management-Team of the A-Team!

A-Team is a project managed by NOASS arts and culture project as part of the Engine Room Europe project. Here are the faces:

Dzintars Zilgalvis, A-Team responsable
As the head of NOASS, Dzintars is the final instance of the project, all important decision need his final approval. Dzintars is a visionary visual artist who initiated NOASS arts and culture project in 1998 on a boat in the river Daugava. NOASS is now an important place for contemporary art in Latvia, active on international level and participating in various European Networks.

Alise Vetrova, A-Team project manager
Alise is working as a project manager for NOASS since several years and also managing the Museum of Naive Art in Riga.With the A-Team she is in a double role, being both its project manager on behalf of NOASS, responsable for organisational and administrative aspects, as well as being the cultural manager of the NOASS A-Team. As such she is inside and outside of the process.

Katharina Trabert, A-Team process and methodology coordinator
As the concept developer of the A-Team project, NOASS has contracted Katharina for the co-management of the project. She  is an artist, cultural activist and regional developer working inter-sectorially in order to engage for a cultural dimension in all fields of society. She is a nomad currently based in Germany where she created her own business smARTourism and is developing the project Kreativsaison, a cooperation between tourism and culture for the development of the region. She is also a collaborator of ACTA (Associazione Cultura Turismo Ambiente) and member of the performance group Pandora Pop. As a consultant and project manager she works for regional authorities, consultancy agencies and cultural organisations across Europe.

Sandy Fitzgerald, ERE process manager and A-Team advisor
Sandy is responsable for the processes of all Engine Room Europe processes and as such a precious advisor of the A-Team. He has over thirty years experience as a cultural practitioner and manager. Beginning as an actor, writer and musician, he went on to become a founder member of City Arts Centre, Dublin, and director of that organisation from 1973 to 2002. Sandy has participated in many areas of cultural development in Ireland and abroad, working at local, national and international level. His experience includes: Director of the Dublin Street Carnival (1988-1991); founder member of CAFE (Creative Activity for Everyone) now CREATE; Board member of the Royal Hospital National Cultural Centre (later to become the Irish Museum of Modern Art); Executive Committee Member of Trans Europe Halles (a European network of Cultural Centres) and Board member of the Dublin Film Festival and Junior Dublin Film Festival.

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