Change of the theme of the A-team’s Riga stage : “Virtual Memorial Riga, 2012”

Culture and Arts Project NOASS, Riga (Latvia) – contact Alise Vetrova

Culture and Arts Project “NOASS” in cooperation with residing artist Wilfried Agricola de Cologne has started the 1st stage of  “A-team” project.

The idea offered by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne completely met NOASS’ expectations of the project “A-Team”– international artists working with a local mediator and with a local community on an important topic related to Latvia. Following the main goal of “A-team”- emphasizing of socially important theme with artistic and creative tools – NOASS has decided to change the theme of project changing it from “Facing the City” to “Virtual Memorial Riga, 2012”, thus increasing the possible impact of “A-team” project to general public in Latvia and abroad, meanwhile maintaining the site-specific connection with the environment of Riga.

The artist has a long-term intentions when, by using artistic tools, he promotes tolerance and democracy among people, teaching about the Holocaust, as well as the collective memory of this tragedy of the 20th century, by making a virtual memorial, that consists from  “Shoah film collection” – selection of 40 video works, by young artists from 15 countries and the attending exhibition.

We believe this project will result in changing peoples minds, increase an understanding of democracy nowadays as well as promote tolerance among different groups of people not only in Riga and Latvia, but also will spread the idea to the blogreaders all around the world, and keep the idea of the project alive also in future.

Specific objectives are:

–       to create significant and publicly available art peace;

–       to involve society in the process of making this project;

–       to bring the historical events to society and to identify with them now;

–       to create the artwork through a process that is open to the public.

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