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The Swedish A-Team


Team Not Quite / Unicorn Union

Alexia Mellor – UK based artist invited to develop her project The Unicorn Union, designed for the A – team mission in Fengersfors.

Karl Hallberg – Local artist and project manager at Not Quite, assitsting and supporting.

Tom Russotti – Currently in Europe, artist experienced in participatory art projects and gamdesign, he will collaborate with Alexia and karl in the initial phase of the project.

We are still working on finding the right representatives of the local associations of Fengersfors who would like to collaborate with us in this project.

Presenting Not Quite


Not Quite a cultural centre in a rural part of Sweden, once a district of industrial production of paper now a place with challanges of how to create economic and social sustainability without a strong industry,  a place with possibilities of finding new ways of surviving as a small comunity now based on creative work and small-scale buissness.

Since 2002 Artists, craftspeople, designers and other creative proffessionals have turned parts of the old paper mill into an cooperative of artists and creators of all kinds, with shared workshops, studiospaces, exhibitions, concerts, café and a shop. All the efforts of building a common  projectplatform, showrooms and meetingplaces for creative people aim to facilitate for artists to make a living from their creative work. We are now around 40 members and we recieve 20 000 visitors each year, mostly during summer, a way for our members to meet the public.


The beginning


4 A-Teams in 4 countries, 4 artists working with a cultural manager and supported by a local mediator. And here the story will be told. Every A-Team is challenged with a very specific theme but as if this wasn´t challenge enough, they will enter an unusual collaboration and act as a small collective intelligence into which each component brings specific skills: artistic  sensibility and vision, managerial ability and vision and deep knowledge of the territory. The specific mix of both skills and personalities confronting the previously defined theme will determine the nature of the process and its outputs. This is a place for documentation, reflection and exchange. Between the components of one A-Team, between the different A-Teams, between A-Teams and the public, be it artists, cultural workers, locals, NGO´s, administrators or other.