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AVM Riga 2012 – one day left



A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012 – takes shape

The countdown continues. One day is left, until tomorrow “A Virtual Memorial Riga 201`2 will be opened. As announced yesterday, Jay Needham, Ben Neufeld and Shelley Jordon from USA arrived in time and we had together a dinner in a restaurant not far from the hotel. I met Jay already earlier some years ago, when we were collaborating in another project in Valencia, Ben and Shelley, I met for the first time, and it is always very nice to meet persons physically after a long time of merely virtual contacts. Today, three further artists are arriving, about noon Felice Hapetzeder from Sweden and the two Israeli artists Doron Polak and Eitan Vitkon in the early afternoon. At these Israeli artists, Dzintars from NOASS and my person, the director of artvideoKOELN and artist of A-TEAM are invited for a home reception at the apartment of the Cultural Attache of the Israeli Embassy. In the evening, the artists who arrived already, there will be 6, the last two coming tomorrow, Doris Neidl (Austria) and Cristiano Berti (Italy) completing the artists team, meet each other in the hotel lobby for a meeting somewhere out of the hotel.

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AVM Riga 2012


avm_riga_220At Riga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum

Visiting our partner – the Riga Ghetto & Holocaust Museum – from right to the left –
Zintars Zilgalvis, Betija Zilgalvis, Rabbi Menachem Barkahan

One of our first actions was visiting our partners Riga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum and association SHAMIR (holder of the museum), represented by its chairman Rabbi Menachem Barkahan. We were talking about the dais of preparation, time scheduling and my invitation as a participant of the International Conference of Holocaust Museums, 4& 5 June 2012 @ Academy of Sciences Riga

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The Latvian A-Team


Team NOASS / A Virtual Memorial

Artist and curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, representing artvideoKOELN – international curatorial initiative “art & moving image” from Cologne, Germany.

Project manager from centre Dzintars Zilgalvis, director and head of Culture and Arts project NOASS in close collaboration together with Alise Vetrova (it is so hard do divide the responsibilities, especially because NOASS and its team is responsible for the whole A-team no just Latvian part)

Local mediator still not sure is it a one person or whole community, project is in collaboration with SHAMIR society – Jewish Religious Community

Culture and Arts Project NOASS


“Culture and Arts Project NOASS” is a creative intelligence association that is in the 14th year of its operating existence and is one of the oldest non-governmental arts and culture organizations in Latvia. NOASS’ goal is to participate in the formation of the Latvian and European cultural environment. 

In the main, we support the realization of contemporary arts projects in an urban environment, making art part of the daily lives of residents of Riga and visitors to the city. Furthermore, for several years now we have participated in the planning and programming of the contemporary arts forum, “White Night”, the annual “Riga City Festival” and the “International Museums Night”, as well as realizing a range of individual projects.

Prior to now, we have produced arts events linked to moving images as part of international cultural events like the “French Spring” (2007) and the “German Culture Month” (2008).  Since 2001 NOASS is organizing International Video and Contemporary Art Festival “Waterpieces”. It’s an annual festival of video and contemporary art which consists of a Baltic audiovisual art competition, as well as screenings of international programs, thus providing a comprehensive insight into the latest works of contemporary art linked to the moving image. Over a number of years NOASS has established and built the platform for the Latvian Video Art Archive – the only national video art database.

The partnership between Noass and the New Riga Development Company resulted in the establishment of the Naive Art Museum of Latvia on Andrejsala in the autumn of 2006. This has provided the general public with an introduction to the work of masters of Naive art in the context of modern art.

Since 2007 we are a proud member of TEH and  due to it since 2008 has functioned as a European Volunteer Services sending organization, thus promoting the mobility of young people who are interested in cultural and arts events among various public organizations.

In the spring of 2009, we started work to create a residency house in  Andrejsala which has become the heart of alternative culture in Riga. This wonderful district provides a vibrant environment where various exhibition openings, concerts and happenings take place every weekend. It’s a place where one can easily make friends among the local artists, because everything here that occurs here; takes place next door.

More about NOASS –

The beginning


4 A-Teams in 4 countries, 4 artists working with a cultural manager and supported by a local mediator. And here the story will be told. Every A-Team is challenged with a very specific theme but as if this wasn´t challenge enough, they will enter an unusual collaboration and act as a small collective intelligence into which each component brings specific skills: artistic  sensibility and vision, managerial ability and vision and deep knowledge of the territory. The specific mix of both skills and personalities confronting the previously defined theme will determine the nature of the process and its outputs. This is a place for documentation, reflection and exchange. Between the components of one A-Team, between the different A-Teams, between A-Teams and the public, be it artists, cultural workers, locals, NGO´s, administrators or other.