The artist´s experience – Isaac Wilcox


This project was a very good experience for me.

At first the attitude of some of the villagers was quite negative towards the project. The idea of an artwork on the road was seen as ridiculous.

However as the process went on the attitude changed. People were excited and interested to see the process and to see how a crazy idea can come to real and change their every day lives.

As a non-Bulgarian and not a fluent speaker of Bulgarian, I wondered how I would cope and manage with a completely different culture than my own.
It was easy to blend in and get on with people and to continue with the work.

The team of workers (Ivan Marinski – the mediator, Angel Yanev – the mayor of the village and all others) were so embracing and kind to the awkward, gangly Scot. Working with the young artists Gabriella Tsonkova (designer) and Atanas Georgiev (filmmaker) was a joy. I have a lot of respect towards them. They were crucial to fully communicate our ideas to the workforce.

Pro Rodopi managers Petar and Desislava were so supportive and a strong base to work from. We were treated very well and given a lot of creative freedom.

I really feel that I have learned a lot from their style of working and picked up skills, both practical and mental, that I can really take elsewhere to use and reinforce.

Isaac Wilcox

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