The c(h)ampaign


There was no champaign. Who put an “h” in the title? Darn. Please remove it. It doesn’t belong there. It must be a sabotage.

But a sabotage almost hapend as we wanted to go public with our project. Sincerly. And we loved it. Hehe. But, patience, we’ll come to that. First things first.

Heiko ordered prints for posters and billboards and Borut W reserved billboards of two formats with the local public company.Enthusiastic as we were, we emidiately distributed them over the city – no no – just over the floor of Heikos place. Now history and science can be happy, we do have a picture of this event.


All went swell.

And then they called. From the public company. A women clerk voice said that

– we can’t publish your posters

– huh, why not?

– because of the texts

– but the whole point is exactly to publish the slogans. There is nothing else on the posters. It wouldn’t be very wise to publish empty white sheets of paper, wouldn’t it?!

– we can’t do it

– ok, can you give me the telephone number of your superiror, please.

And it went all the way up to the director. As his brains were not completely soured out by beasts of everday extremly intelectual exhausting hardwork, he said that we were ok. That we can publish. Ok! Go! Run! Print! Publish!

After a few days, HE (director, chief, boss, capo, šef, el homre, el comandante) called, saying Houston, we have a problem. He can’t publish it, beacause of the text. Damn, Houston, YOU are the problem. This was clearly a sabotage.

So the A-teamsters were sitting there and scratching their heads (i think one of Borut’s was also a little bit scratching his ass). And of course, after few drinks and bad ideas we came up with a possible solution. We decided, that we won’t let go and walk the long walk through the institutions. We wrote a nice but very determined letter, where we asked the public company if they can show us the papers and criteria on which they decided that our slogans were inappropriate. What was the criteria and where is it written down? Do they check every costumer they have on its moral or ethical grounds or is their intervention to be taken political? And also we didn’t expect them to do their work for free, we were regular paying costumers. Wtf?

The letter must have been kind of annoying for them or their intelect. Soon after they became it they gave up their position and published our posters. Well, of course we were happy, but at least they could fight a little bit, we had such good and strong arguments ready to throw at them. *ussys. And, of course, we do have evidence of that:

575559_3400107963297_906439755_n a-team 8 a-team 10 a-team 16

To put it short, we published 105 posters and 4 big billboards in 5 waves. The campaign was visible for about two months. Oh, how excited we were to see “our” posters in public. In the streets were we walk, our streets. It was kind of liberating. Can’t realy describe this satisfying feeling.

And then IT happened.


Go tell the women (and the rest) we are leaving for the next post.

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