The artistic road: Conclusions


The project got a huge success among villagers and did attract lots of national and local media, including Bulgarian national TV, Channel 1 which did a proper TV coverage in one of the most popular cultural TV shows in Bulgaria (link here, pls see inbetween 00:16:05 и 00:19:40 minutes)

Two newpapers Rodopiski vesi and Otzvuk, published materials about the project.

The deputy mayor of Smolyan Municipality Marin Zahariev attended the opening of the artistic installation. As first immediate result of A-team in Bulgaria was the decision of Municipality of Smolyan to repair one very problematic part of the landscape of the village of Bostina, hugely affected by big floods in the region in 2006.

As ‘Landing figures’ appeared to be a project with very strong and easyly erccognizable practical aspect for all stake holders – villagers, artists, politicians – PRAC would like to continue with it and find a way to creat more ‘flying animals’ on the broken streets of Bostina.

Desislava Mincheva – Todorova

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