Reactions. Uf, and they were.


Slovenia is quite a peacefull and sleepy country, even demonstrations of radicals, if there are any, are polite.  The radicals in our country are the politicians, anyway. And they got it this time. All the way. As they never did in this country, ever. And it started in Maribor, the town where A-team was at work. Soon after the first or second wave of our posters being published hell broke loose. Lets let the pictures do the work:


704280_305778392855775_66273773_o   704748_305778586189089_2070818535_o  478122_305778462855768_1030789783_o


A pro-democratic popular uprising in Maribor broke out in the last months of 2012 in the year when Maribor was the Europena capital of culture. People had it! Long story put short is that they are sick of incapable and corrupt political elites. Que se vayan todos, all must go! First the mayor of Maribor resigned, nowdays (january 2013) the head of prime minister is at, khm, political guillotine.

Was this a consequence of our A-team work? Did they provoke it? Are they standing at the forefront? Are they behind it? Are they the masterminds of the events?

They wish!

What they know for shure, is that people noticed their work and were wondering what is the meaning of slogans and posters? Why such a message on space, where usually a commercial dominates. Nice question. Right question. But what A-teamers can’t know is, what’s in peoples heads. Unless they act. And they did.

IMG_3103  a-team 24

On both pictures one can see posters of A-team being “suplemented” by activist of the uprising. On the first is a poster of Maribor mayor, who has been toppled later being pasted to A-team text “i’m realy afraid about Maribor”. On the second picture the slogan “gotof je/he’s finished” complements the A-team text saying “i’m just about to break loose”.


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