The grassroot media-campaign A-team Slovenia set up is difficult to measure or assess its range. Through personal contacts A-teamers did got some reactions, either they were talking to persons who noticed the posters and were intrigued by them or someone told them people were talking about the posters. Most comments were about how surprised people were to see non-commercial and stimulating content on billboards.

Also one must not forget that almost 110 posters were publicly visible  for almost two months on main and very frequented streets.

In town of Maribor (about 150.000 inhabitants) there is only one mayor newspaper (Vecer), who dispite the efforts o A-teamers didn’t manage to publish even one note about the project. There were several contacts with journalist of that newspaper, but without results. One of them bluntly said, that he can’t decide either the A-team project is to be put under culture or daily chronicle. We’ll, how about obituaries?

There were also contacts with other journalist, but maybe it’s that Maribor was the European capital of culture (ECC) in 2012 and a project not being part of  ECC was not of big media interest.

On the other hand, there was an interesting experience/incident with the local public company managing billboards. Their moralistic objection was exactly the kind of attitute the project was trying to abolish/transcend (germ. aufheben).

Auf Wiedersehen.


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