Setting up the Unicorn Union Booth



This Saturday the new Unicorn Union booth was set up at ICA Fornanders, our local grocery store, to spread information about the project and to find new participants.

Aleixia Mellor and I Karl Hallberg as the project manager from Not Quite has been working with the implication of The Uncorn Union, for a couple of weeks now. We started off with identifying and listing different points of contact of the community. – Wich occations, spaces or connections would be suitable for getting participants of the Unicorn Union? We have been in contact with representatives of the different local associations and have found an interest from several of a future collaboration where we could make an artistic take on regular local activities, such as the estate auctions, or hot air ballon flying. To have a wider ppicture of the community Alexia has adressed the individual habitant of Fengersfors, using our initial contacts with the associations as the starting point of reaching people.

It is very intresting to experience how an unexpected question can create many possibilities. Alexia has with her  question, describe a place that has a special meaning to you, and her genuine interest in the answer, given the opportunity to people to take time, chose carefully their spots and in the same time reflect on their current situation. Many of the participants have experienced their home in a renewed way.

The collection of stories is starting to tell us something about how people feel about Fengersfors and why they chose to live here. There has been many great meetings and the discussion is spreading in the community. There is many ideas of how this information can be used, that will be our next step in the process. We are now working on a collaboration with the choire for this.

Karl Hallberg – Not Quite Fengersfors


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