The exhibitions


Image: Mortale – one of 10 000 handmade drawings the Italian Paolo Bonfiglio created for the animated film of the same name included in the Shoah Film Collection.

NOASS_floating_art_gallery NOASS – floating art gallery

A Virtual Memorial Riga 2013 @ the floating galleries of NOASS and BETANOVUSS were hosting three exhibitions, complementing the meeting and the screenings.

NOASS has an upper and a lower gallery, whereby the upper gallery was presenting a selection of photography by Eitan Vitkon (Israel), he was shooting when Doron Polan was preparing his performance in Riga. Exceptional experimental photos were the result using a special photographic technique.

installation_Riga_doron_eitan Eitan Vitkom – photographys – featuring performing Doron Polak

NOASS_upper-gallery NOASS – exhibition installation

eitan_vitkon_photo_doron_polak Eintan Vitkon – photo – Doron Polak performing

eitan-vitkon_doron-polak2 Doron Polak – Riga (photo Eitan Vitkon)

The second exhibition component is representing the presentation of SFC – Shoah Film Collection run on 6 flat-screen monitors placedat the upper and lower gallery alike.

NOASS_down_gallery_sfc NOASS – lower gallery

Noasss_upper_gallery_sfc NOASS – upper gallery

NOASS_upper_gallery_SFC NOASS – SFC installation

The third exhibition was installed in the lower gallery – a scary place in the belly of the boat, reminding of prison cels – was forming the authentic environment for the drawings by Paolo Bonfiglio, he made for his animated film “Mortale”.
Not only the drawings were impressive as art works, but also how many hadmade drawings were needed for preparing the film.

The exhibitions in Riga had therefore also the basic meaning to give the visitor an insight in the “making of” of some films included in SFC _ Shoah Film Collection.

NOASS_lower-gallery_pb NOASS – lower gallery – exhibition Paolo Bonfiglio

paolo_bonfiglio_mortale – Paolo Bonfiglio – selection of drawings

ambassador_at_lower_gallery – Isareli ambassador Hamit Ben-Jaakov talking with Agricola de Cologne

noass_lower_gallery_pb NOASS – lower gallery – exhibition

The gallery space at BETANOVUSS was hosting also another small exhibition featuring the initiative of Elana Schwadron -Minkow from Israel, who learned only short time ago, thus decades after World War II about family members who perished during the Holocaust. The event in Riga was the occasion to keep vivid the memory pointing to the Latvian family members. Her initiative would like to give them a face who escaped in anonymity.


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