Bulgarian part set up


The young visual/design artist from Scottland Isaac Wilcox will spend time at PRAC in Bostina, Bulgaria between 15 July and 5 August 2012. He will be assisted by young Bulgarian visual/design artist Gabriela Tzonkova. Together as an artistic team they will work with locals on the infrastructure issue in the village.

The idea about the result of the project is that the young artists will create an artwork together with villagers on one of the streets in the village in order to focus the attention of authorities on this heavy issue, which not an isolated problem in Rhodopes but is relevant all over the country. Of course, this initial idea will be developed during the residency.


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  1. As time for Bulgarian part of A-team is coming closer, the local management team has already prepared facilities for the cisit of Isaac and Gabriela. Their trip has been already arranged. They will stay in the village for 20 days. They have already started the discussion of the art work they will do in the village in order to respond to the topic. They would to bring the contemporary world culture to the remote village at Rhodopes, and thus to make locals feel as being part of rest of the world. Press and municipality of Smolyan have already raised an interest toward the international artistic action. The young local filmmaker Atanas Georgiev would like to shoot a short movie about the residency of the two artists.

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