The Slovenian A-Team(sters) presenting themself. Hell yeah!



My name is Heiko Beck Kos and i am working as an artist most of the time in public spaces.

I am a simple guy, who never had the idea of becoming or wanting to be an artist. I more or less swept into this kind of „profession“.

As i grew up in a real conservative household in bavaria / germany, my focus i was teached, was education, making career and building up more and more material safety. I really tried to go for it and did quite well. From my childhood on it was obvious, that there are some little creativ or artistic talents. But i never had the idea of studying art. The reason why i didn`t do this was simple. There is no money to make and no chance for a material safety. So i studied communication-design, which still covered the part of being creativ and beside this, gave me the chance to earn money. Like i said, surprisingly i wasn`t that bad and so had the chance to buy expensive things, i thought i needed.

I did this until a kind of burnout knocked me out. I started doing a psychological therapy and after a year (still going on with my job in an event agency) i found out, that this is not my way and quit the job.

Beside the material safety, my parents teached me some important basic values. Being honest, loving your next, being helpful, building up trust, sharing things you have… So, now 8 years ago, i wanted to try living more on these basic values. I rented a little studio without really knowing, how this could look like or with what i could earn my money. I wanted to proof myself having the courage to say what i feel and show honestly who i am. As a kind of self therapy, i wrote simple feelings and thoughts on big signs and placed myself somewhere in the inner city. I started writing big positiv messages on walls, changing bus stations to lovely living rooms, planted flowers… I just tried to do, what i like and what came out of my heart. With the time there was more and more media reports and people started asking me, what i am? An artist, an agency, a social office…? When i answered, just being Heiko, it wasn`t enough. The people needed a box, where they could put me in to categorize it.

Fine, so i decided to call it art, because of the fact, that i have most freedom to do whatever i want under the term of art.

So now i am an artist.

Like i mentioned before, the basis of all my work is honesty to build up trust. In my opinion, trust is the most missing „thing“ in our days and there`s only one way to built this up – being honest, helpful and fullfilling the promises you made. With this way of living and expressing myself, i am trying to show the people, that it`s possible to stand to your feeling, emotions, fears… without loosing something, but even more winning a lot.

10.08.1973 born in nuremberg

1993: Diploma at the „Emil-von-Behring-Gymnasium“ in spardorf/bavaria

1995-2002: Studying communication-design at the universities for design in hamburg and düsseldorf

2002-2005 Writing concepts at the creative department of the event agency max.sense live marketing in wuppertal.

2005-2006: Artist in an studio community with focus on installations, painting and streetart

January 2006 up today: Working in several art projects under the projectname „Dies ist keine Übung!“


August 2006: 1. single exhibition with paintings and installations in düsseldorf

May/June 2008: 2. single exhibition with installations and paintings in PAL bar in cologne

July/August 2008: 3. single exhibition with photographies of activities and installations in public spaces in PAL bar in cologne

December 2008: Taking part at the exhibition of the international art platform „EL-DRAC – 16 international contemporary artist“ – cologne

January/February 2009: exhibition/installations in public spaces in cologne muehlheim (

April 2009: Taking part as promoted artist at „Tease Art Fair 3“ in cologne

September 2009: Taking part as promoted artist at „Berliner Kunstsalon 2009“

November 2009: Taking part with installations at „Contemporary Art Ruhr“ in essen

December 2009: 4. single exhibition in colourblind Gallery cologne

April 2010: Taking part with an installation in Kunsthalle osnabrück, invited by the European Media Art Festival 2010

April 2010: Taking part at „Tease Art Fair 4“ in cologne

June 2010: 5. single exhibition in gallery fotopension cologne

Oktober 2010: Taking part at the biggest italian off Art festival„Privateflat #6“ in Florenz

Oktober 2010: Taking part at the exhibition of the international art platform „One Way“ in der Galerie momus in Turin

November 2010: Taking part at „Contemporary Art Ruhr“ in essen.

February 2011: Taking part at the international group exhibition


July 2011: 6. Single exhibition in an empty old flat in Maribor / Slovenia

November 2011: Taking part at the „artfair 21“ in cologne.

January 2012: Installation for the opening of the cultural capital 2012 Maribor. Being part of the cultural programm Maribor 2012, during the whole year.

March 2012: 7. Single exhibition and Opening of a new galery/shop in Hannover

March 2012: Group Exhibition in the german ministery of work in Berlin

April 2012: Opening of a new atelier-galery in Maribor / Slovenia

July 2012: Group Exhibition in Copenhagen

Heiko petting someone behind the camera. With coffee. He loves it.

NON ARTISTS PART OF A-TEAM (a.k.a. all Borut’s team)

Borut Wenzel (1965), project manager (representing the hosting Trans Europe Halles centre).

Cofounder of several art associations in Slovenia, co-founder of the Institution for supporting civil initiatives and multicultural collaboration Pekarma magdalenske mreže (director from 1996 – 2006).

Wenzel_on phone

Borut Osonkar (1966, local mediator.

Not related to Borut Wenzel or Borat. He likes the idea, that art does change society to a better place. But not necessary individuals.


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