About Pro Rodopi


Pro Rodopi Art Centre (PRAC) is an independent cultural centre in development– a crossroad of ideas from North, West and South-East Europe. It is result of experience, needs and visions of artists and cultural facilitators from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands that are already forming an informal network. 

The aims are to facilitate a wide spectrum of process – residencies of international artists for creation of performances, touring of ready product, workshops, presentations, professional meetings and tematic conferences, special projects for locals – in field of performing and video arts, and its impact on artistic, social, cultural, geographical and individual identity of human being.

Crucial qualities of the Pro Rodopi Arts Centre are openness, local and intenational co-operation; will and ability to change and adjust its directions according to its local and global environment. The founders of PRAC actually prefer to see these premises as starting points of the work rather then as goals to achieve.

The Centre is situated in the village of Bostina in the rural area of the Central Rhodopes Mountain in Bulgaria where Pro Rodopi Foundation – the legal body behind PRAC – has bought the facilities – building and land – of the former kindergarten. Currently, as it is still awaiting construction works, it is using premises in the nearby city of Smolyan for its activities.

The plans for the new Centre are done and currently PRAC is looking for funding in order to fulfill the dream of having modern comfortable working and living spaces of its own for the needs of the residential artists.

The very good relationships with the local community and the municipality are already established through the activities of PRAC which started in 2004. PRAC is the first independent centre for performing arts residencies in Bulgaria, and probably in Balkans.

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